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Now this only applies to those certain few that have said they want to be world champions, at the highest level. Which means whatever your belt rank is, you want to win IBJJF World Championships in Long Beach, CA. If you said to yourself, or to anyone more than once that this is what you want, especially at the black belt level, you better be living at the gym, there’s no way around it. If you are not giving 100 percent of your effort and time, not 80 percent like Marcelo Garcia says, but 100 percent (and when you lay your head down at night you know if you did or not), than you are kidding yourself, and those around you, and flat out wasting your time.

If you want to be a world champion at any level now a days, there is no sacrifice, what others call sacrifice is normal life, the hours of training each day,six, seven days a week, the two a days, the three a days, the extra drilling, the dieting, the strength and conditioning, the waking up early to go on runs, the sprints, the training sore, the no drinking alcohol, the no partying, the no social life outside the gym, that is just expected. If you are doing all that, you are at base level, what are you doing extra, how much extra drilling are you doing on your own before, and or after class? How many matches are you breaking down at the highest level, from the recent past, and from the first World Championships back in the 90’s? Floyd Mayweather said he watches all the great fights, and all the great fighters; of past and present. On top of that he is a tireless worker with indomitable skill, I am solely talking about him as a fighter, I know people have their personal opinions about his life outside the ring, that is fine, but he is one of the greatest combat athlete champions of our time, so I try to listen to what he says, and does and translate it over.

If you think you are working hard, have to believe some one is working harder, longer, the video I posted along with this blog talks about just that. There are fucking Russians running through the snow right now, as you read this, and when you sleep, grinding it out. So if you want to be a world champion, you’re not working hard enough, it must be a tireless obsession, like anything you devote your life to, if you want to be the greatest, everything will take a back seat. And those who really care about you, and see it is a noble cause, and understand being a champion is what your heart wills, they WILL support you, and those who do not support you, or do not understand it, well, you simply do not need them in your life. They will become a disease that infects the whole, poisons the water, except that water will most likely be your mind. If you have the opportunity to take advantage of your dream, do it, you will have to give up a lot, but what’s the cliché, no risk, no reward right?

I told a good friend and training partner a while ago that I wanted be a world champion, and he did not lie, he said I had a lot of work to do, A LOT! He said I had long way to go, and I knew it, but my training partner, and all the other people around me did not stop,or block my path, or tell me I could not do it. They all encouraged me, and helped me, and I am still on that path with all their help. My training partner also told me I am going to have to move a mountain to get to the top of the podium at the World stage, haha, no one ever said it was going to be easy, and I feel guilty everyday I feel like I slacked just one percent, every time I lay my head down at night. So I work hard everyday to sleep easy at night.

With all that, like I said before, this only applies to the certain few out there who take it upon themselves to utter the words, “I want to be a world champion”, and have dreams and aspirations of ascending to the top of the ranks in sport jiu jitsu. And even more specifically, at the adult level, at the IBJJF World Championships. Whether you are blue, purple, brown, or black belt, this is the goal in your life, all things lead to this, your life ends after worlds, nothing else matters, nothing after worlds matters, the whole world ends after that weekend, it is all or nothing. This is how you must think, it might seem extreme, but if it took anything less to be a World Champion, you should not want it. Jiu jitsu is only growing and evolving, more and more people at each rank below black are finding ways to train full time. So, to go out there, only training part time thinking you will win, is cocky and stupid.

There are many reasons to compete, but I am addressing this one specific reason, in a few weeks or so I will talk about other reasons to compete, why it is good for everyone, and why it is good to just get the experience for some, but for the future world champions, it has nothing to do with the experience. You future world champions are going to Worlds for one reason and one reason only, to get the gold medal and leave, seriously, fuck everything else. The video further explains, enjoy!

Remember, somebody is working to out work you, to steal your spot, your spot on the top of the podium.


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