AT BASTOS BJJ MIDLAND, we want to show support for our veterans by doing our part.


On its own merit for average , everyday student, BJJ Judo JiuJItsu Wrestling and MMA training is an effective tool for gaining confidence, building friendship, and getting in better mental and physical condition.


Where I see the biggest problem is when the guys get out. When that happens, they try to get help through the VA and the waiting lists there are so long. Guys are waiting a year to get an appointment and they’re in the middle of these desperate, imminent situations and here they are trying to do all this paperwork and it’s beyond frustrating for them. Or there’s the situation where the guys are directed to go to college to use their GI Bill, but what they’re not told is that if they get a D or lower in their classes because they can’t focus, they owe that money back. So a lot of guys end up in these really desperate situations, you feel like your back is against a wall. I think that’s why you see in our Active Duty military you see one suicide a day, but in our veterans it’s 22 suicides. Every day. Because that frustration trying to reintegrate, the lack of the brotherhood outside the military that you’d become used to, having no one to look out for you–it just becomes too much for some of these guys and the suicide rates just skyrocket once they get out. It’s hard to blame the VA because I think the people there are doing the best they can, but they don’t really know how to handle such a massive problem. All they can really do is medicate the symptoms. I don’t agree with how they handle it, but nor do I know how to fix it.

For a veteran,  Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu can be a safe, healthy, and effective way to channel their raw emotions and feelings into a positive outlet.  

We use fighting as a parallel. We use jiu-jitsu as a form of replacement conditioning therapy. 

I say replacement conditioning therapy I mean that we learn to replace a bad behavior with a good behavior. When they get the urge to get wasted or take a few more pills, then we replace that with training, or we create a workout they can do at midnight when the gym is closed and they’re stuck at home, instead of drinking or taking pills.

Vets or their families can come in this week, and get $50 off of training for yourself or your children, PLUS a FREE uniform with a full-program agreement.


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