Top 5 reasons why YOUR child should be trying BJJ at Bastos BJJ Midland!









BJJ has a Supportive and Nurturing Environment

As a parent you know how important it is for kids to be active, alert and strong. One great way to have your kids be that way is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). Unlike seasonal sports where it takes years to progress, kids who take part in BJJ are guaranteed to succeed at school and in other parts of their lives. Their behavior and attitude will improve as they learn the skills and techniques and learn how to discipline their minds and body. And not only that, they will make great new friends at the martial arts school too!

If you are still unsure about enrolling your child for BJJ sessions then here are FIVE reasons why your kids should learn BJJ:










1: Self Confidence

The biggest benefit of BJJ training for your child is a massive gain in self confidence. Unlike other martial arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is much different because whatever your child learns, they will get to practice against someone in that very session, under supervision of course. Your child will not be screaming his/her lungs off or injuring themselves by trying to break boards and bricks. Instead, they will learn how to deal with real life fight situations. You will see them wrestle their way to topple their opponent or escape from different types of grips and holds. This realistic way of combat approach gives the child ‘real-life’ self confidence. Having the knowledge and technique to be able to defend themselves is something that will certainly raise your child’s self esteem.

2: Fitness

BJJ provides a workout that is not only good for fitness but also very fun to do, your kids will LOVE it! It is hard to keep kids away from the computer and gaming consoles. BJJ is the perfect way to have your child come to a place where they can get excellent cardiovascular exercise and have fun at the same time.

3: New Friends

Bastos BJJ in Midland Texas is a great place for your kids to learn BJJ and meet other children of their age. They will get to train with them, spar with them and most importantly, learn to respect them. BJJ is something most people do for life and chances are your child will be making some amazing lifetime friends. You will be proud to see your child grow and learn with classmates.







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4: Self Defense

BJJ is all about technique over strength. How someone small can beat an opponent who is much larger and stronger than oneself, this is where BJJ shines for kids. If there is anyone trying to get a hold of your kid, he/she will know how to get free from their grip and perfectly be able to defend themselves. On the other hand, you never have to worry about your child punching or kicking another child because BJJ teaches realistic defense techniques.

5: Goal Setting and Accomplishments

Just like other martial arts BJJ incorporates a system of progress. Your child will be able to set personal and competitive goals to help them gain experience and ranking under a World recognized group of instructors and a World Ranked program. This gives them an environment of setting goals that will teach them how rewarding it can be to work hard and achieve something. This will help them greatly in other aspects of life as well such as academics and whatever career they pursue.








If these are the five things you want in your child then do not hesitate to visit us at Bastos BJJ in Midland Tx . These are just the top five reasons for you to enroll your children for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. We can tell you more benefits of BJJ for your kids, so why wait, call us now or visit our Martial Arts school and meet with us!

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