This is why your “MMA Career” Never took off – –

  1. This is why your MMA career never took off



Think back of just before you first started training MMA (and if you started training “UFC”, you were surely doomed before it began). Maybe there was some sort of impulsory, life altering event that sparked your interest. Like most of us, chances are you began your MMA journey because of the UFC or Pride, and the pugilists that glorify this sport so elegantly. C’mon now, we all thought we were Anderson Silva at some point or another. If not Anderson, it was somebody that inspired you to muster the courage to walk into your local MMA gym and ask how much it would be to train.

Unfortunately, that inspiration probably killed your training before it ever started. The reality is this – learning MMA and training for MMA are 2 very completely different things. Fighting is completely different from those two.

The percentage of young men (and some girls) that walk into MMA academies with the perception that they are about to fight somebody is astounding.

With this mentality, in the majority of cases, 1 of 2 things happen:

1. You either get your wish, get beat up, and quit.
2. You don’t get your wish, get discouraged because it’s not violent enough, and quit. Instead of Anderson Silva, you felt more like Anderson Cooper.

MMA is a unique profession. It’s one of the only professions where average guys can watch it on TV and think, “Give me 3 months, I can hang with those guys”. This mentality doesn’t exist in football, basketball, or baseball. You wouldn’t even hear this nonsense in boxing, not to mention other professions. You couldn’t give a haircut at Great Clips without a year of schooling.

If you are just starting out, learn the arts. Learn to appreciate the different disciplines that you are studying before you even think about fighting. And when the time comes, if you know what you are doing, then you can “train” for a fight.

Then this mentality hits you…..and here is what else happens:

1. You find out you have to train….and train, and train more, and then guess what? train.
2. You have to sacrifice time. Time means family time, friend time, beer time, TV time…basically everything you used to waste time on.
3. It costs money. Wait you already spend money to train? Yup. Now spend extra on gear, meds, training camps, and misc expenses.
4. You don’t know everything. Your coaches have been there and done it all (if they are good coaches), and they know more than YOU.

These 3 things are the most common hurdles for fighters, but of those 3 hurdles, most everyone gets stopped at #1. If you want to be a fighter, you have to make those sacrifices and listen to those around you in order to make it.

IF you don’t, you end up like everyone else on social media; posting pics of the fights they lost, people saying good job just for showing up, making all the same jokes and sayings about “fighter lifestyle” or “I could beat that guy”. Guess what? You don’t put in the time, you don’t get the results. So if its a real goal, and not just a “Facebook status”, get off your butt and get started.

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excerpts from a Din Thomas article