The seasoned warrior that can create a buzz at the 2014 Worlds from

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The experienced warriors that can create a buzz at the 2014 Worlds

Ivan Trindade
May 25, 2014

As the World Jiu-Jitsu Championship does not feature a master division (although they have their own event, the Worlds Masters), many brave 30+ year-old competitors decide to jump in with the young guns.

For their fearlessness and devotion to Jiu-Jitsu, they deserve to be featured as one of the attractions for the 2014 Worlds.

We have selected the most notorious ones on each weight of the black belt division but know that they represent all of the 30+ year-old competitors that will sweat blood next weekend in Long Beach.


Bruno Bastos, 34, was one of the leaders of Nova União until recently when he went independent with his Bastos BJJ Association team. An avid competitor, Bastos accumulates titles throughout his career. He is a Rio International Open champion (2008) and Pan and Worlds No-Gi champion in the masters division. He is  ranked 2 in the IBJJF masters black belt rankings.