NEW & IMPROVED Bulgarian Bootcamp coming soon!!


Life is not a spectator sport. Make a investment in yourself with Coach Petya Bastos.

Coach Petya Bastos is graduated in Performance from the Bulgarian Sports School and has work with professional athletes & regular people, helping them to achieve their goals.

Take your performance to the next level with her Bulgarian Bootcamp Functional Training System.

Coach Petya Bastos brings to you her approach to training and conditioning methods, improving your function in any sport or activity.

Strength, Power, Endurance and Weight Loss.

Body Weight, Bands, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Medicine Balls and Stability Balls.


No matter what is your sport or if you don’t do sports, The Bulgarian Bootcamp Functional Training System will help you achieve your goals and optimal results.

Joining The Bulgarian Bootcamp Functional Training System, you get to have Coach Petya Bastos helping you with her Performance Weight Management System.

Successful Petya’s Performance Weight Management System usually results in the loss of body fat and body weight, but not always, because some people will attain their optimal weight by gaining muscle for example.


So what are you waiting for?

Come to Bastos Bjj Midland and join us for a life changing investment.

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