Professor Bruno Bastos



BLACK BELT INSTRUCTOR! Adult & Kids classes

Bruno is a 4th degree black belt under Wendell Alexander of Nova Uniao and brings over 27 years of BJJ experience, to accompany his abundance of world and national championships. Bruno believes that Jiu-Jitsu is not about money, awards, or bragging rights, but that it is his job to help make his students better people, and champions in life.

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Bruno has also been the BJJ coach for several UFC and Pride veterans such as Paul Buentello, Bubba McDaniel, Matt Hobar, Mirco Cro-Cop and Stanislav Nedkov

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: (2012-2016 Gold Medals only!!)

  • 2016 IBJJF NO-GI WORLD Champion
  • 2016 IBJJF PanAmerican Champion
  • 2016 IBJJF European Champion 
  • 2015 IBJJF NO-GI WORLD Champion
  • 2015 IBJJF Houston International
  • 2015 IBJJF Atlanta Winter Open
  • 2015 FIVE Grappling National Champion 
  • 2014 IBJJF Houston International Open Champ
  • 2014 IBJJF European Open Champion
  • 2013 IBJJF WORLD MASTERS Superheavy Champion
  • 2013 IBJJF PAN-AM NO-GI Superheavy masters Champion
  • 2012 IBJJF WORLD NO-GI Super-Heavy masters Champion
  • 2012 IBJJF WORLD NO-GI Absolute Masters black belt Champion
  • 2012 IBJJF Arizona International Open Pesadissimo Preta Adulto Champ
  • 2012 IBJJF Super-Pesado Preta Masters Pan-American Champ

2 thoughts on “Professor Bruno Bastos

  1. Hello Sir, I was wondering if your 05:00am class still on for tomorrow morning? If so, are there any available slots left. I would love to join in

  2. space is always available to students for all adult BJJ & Kickboxing classes. Just show up and we can et you taken care of!

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