Why do you pay to train in a program where you can get a certification to teach the program cheaper than you’re being charged to train in it at a local club?

Do you really think some hobbyist with a month of training and weekend certification can coach you?

There’s a big difference in a doctor and a nurses aide. If your child is dying, who are you going to go to? Assuming I already know your answer than why are you paying your hard earned money for something you could be just as knowledgable in after a weekend cert? Do you feel good being taken advantage of? Get a professional coach anything else is a complete waste of your hard earned time and money, as well as possibly being dangerous.

How much can you really learn in a weekend class versus people who have done something at the highest levels in the World all their life? Hopefully you figure this out before you waste tons of time and money for nothing and possible cripple your future with a life altering injury leaving you unable to work for the rest of your life and destroys your quality of life!

bruno Bastos BJJ Midland


Multiple x BJJ (Gi & NoGi) World Champion



Petya Bastos - Bastos BJJ Midland

Petya Bastos –

Judo & 2 time Sambo World Champion




Brad Barnes - Bastos BJJ Midland

Brad Barnes –

BJJ World Champion & medalist in Gi and NoGi


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