Bruno Bastos receives fourth degree after nearly 25 years in Jiu-Jitsu, 14 as a black belt by Erin Herle


On Saturday, Jan. 17, Bruno Bastos of GMA Bastos BJJ Midland in Midland, TX received his fourth degree on his black belt. This promotion came from the hands of Professor Marcelo Pereira.

The day was part of a full seminar weekend where students were to learn from Ricardo Demente Abreu, Rico Bastos, Marcelo Pereira, Gustavo Dantas and Bruno himself. Promotions were also held for the students.

Midland Texas not only has the ONLY IBJJF Certified Instructor, the ONLY WORLD CHAMPION Instructors and students, and a TOP 10 RANKED Kids Program, but now has the ONLY 4th Degree Black Belt recognized Internationally in over 300 miles in any direction!

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Hear what Bruno has to say about his promotion and check out the video below:

“Last Saturday I was awarded with the 4th Degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu by my long time friend, Professor Marcelo Pereira ( @marcelinhojj ). It was a BIG DAY for me. Very special moment. There witnessing this moment, my “Bebezao” Rico Bastos, Ricardo Demente Abreu ( @ricardodementeabreu ),#TheBjjMentalCoach Gustavo Dantas ( @gdjiujitsu ), the man who brought me to Midland Bradley Barnes ( @bradgordinho ), my lovely wife#BulgarianBeautyPetya Petya Bastos and ALL my @bastos_bjj_midland family alongside my affiliates as well.
14 years of Black Belt feels good and I’m ready for more. Next May I’ll be completing 25 years of Jiu-Jitsu and I’m going to celebrate competing in the Adults division to give some old man hard time for the young guns. There’s only one Highlander…”

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pictured: Carlos Eduardo Vidal (Bruno Bastos Association instructor at Red River BJJ), Ricardo Bastos (Gi and NoGi World Champion), Bruno Bastos (Gi and NoGi World Champion head of Bruno Bastos BJJ Association HQ Midland, Texas), Marcelo Pereira (multiple time World Champion), Gustavo Dantas (multiple time World Champ and, Ricardo Abreu (World Champ and current UFC fighter), Jair Neto (World Cup and Brazilian National Champ).


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