Bastos BJJ starts off with Perfect record for their MMA program in 2015

Bastos BJJ Midland, under the guidance of head instructor Professor Bruno Bastos, and head MMA coach, Brad Barnes, has started off 2015 on the right foot.

In this first quarter of 2015, the Bastos MMA team completed fight camp for 2 flyweight competitors; wrestling coach Jarrod Trotter, and visitor from Dallas, Tyler Mase. Both amatuer fighters began camps in January with each of them set to fight on back-to-back weeks.

For Trotter, he would compete on February 13th in Allen, Texas for top national promotion, Legacy Fighting Championships. As this was his last amatuer fight, the coaching staff wanted to find an opponent who was coming off of wins, and who was explosive with striking and an overall excellent athlete. Federico Oliviera (3-3) was definately a tough fight, but it was exactly what was needed to test Trotter (2-1) and get him more experience on a huge national stage such as Legacy.

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The fight went all 3 rounds, but saw Jarrod execute fast and precise takedowns and guard passing, good in-and-out movement with striking, great cardio, and an even more improved sense of composure and focus. All 3 rounds were unanimous, with Trotter showing his World Champion NoGi game, and even saw him finishing the round with a Rear Naked Choke being worked in while time expired. Moving to 3-1, Trotter wrapped up his amatuer career with 3 straight wins, and both earned and defended a flyweight title for Defiant Fighting Championships, a NoGi World Championship, and is currently ranked #6 in the state of Texas out of 71 active flyweights!

Tyler Mase (0-2) fought in Midland Texas on February 21st, 8 days after Trotter fought in Dallas. Mase’s opponent would be Mark Moreno (2-2) out of Premier Martial Arts in Abilene Texas. Moreno had a significant reach and weight advantage over Mase (who is probably better suited for 115lb/straw-weight division). Mase came out to Bastos BJJ to train for this fight and seek out the game planning and coaching style of coach Brad Barnes, and BJJ head coach Professor Bruno Bastos, which he had seen make big strides in the performances of his old training partner Jarrod Trotter.

Mase bought-in to the program and got outside of his comfort zone to tighten his overall game up, and he was fortunate to be able to train with high level flyweight amatuer in Trotter and in pro Lincon De Sa (pro 13-5).

Mase went out and put on an exciting fight with Moreno, with Mase landing better right hands and body kicks, while Moreno was solid in the clinch and worked to stay behind the jab. Ultimately Mase made a necessary adjustment after the second round, and was able to get a perfectly executed double leg and finish with a rear naked choke submission. With this being his first win in MMA, Mase was extremely excited as were the coaches in his corner (Bastos, Barnes, and Trotter).

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