Prevent your child from being someone’s Doormat


Proven Method to Stop your Child from being someone else’s Doormat.

I feel certain that most of you reading this will have implemented some of these, but perhaps not. Understand that, like the Drill Instructor who takes you to the pit or quarterdeck for extra PT, I undertake this mission not with malice in my heart, but with love.

Martial Arts Training

When I say “Martial Arts” I do not mean cardio kickboxing or what passes as Tae Kwon Do in contemporary America. Modern “kids Karate” is like soccer in white cotton uniforms. The best it serves to do is work out some of the hyper-active energy from your little crumb-crunchers.

Boys need to tussle; they need to rough it up with other boys. We know that the liberal indoctrination centers that we laughingly refer to as public schools frown upon boys being boys and tussling with each other. “Use your words little Billy”. Try using your words when a crackhead is smashing your head into the asphalt so he can take your last $20.

No, I am not telling you that your son should be a Krav Maga black belt at age nine, but he should also not pee in his pants the first time he is physically accosted by a bully. Your son will have to deal with bullies his entire life. Bullies do not go away when you leave junior high.

Traditional collegiate-type wrestling is a great place to start. Throughout the entire history of man, societies understood this. It is only in our great modern state that we cannot understand its value.

From a more traditional standpoint, Jiu Jitsu (Brazilian) is a fantastic way to teach your boys to tussle with other boys in a productive manner. Punching and kicking the air or foam filled pads is fun, but nothing instills genuine confidence in physical abilities like grappling sports. And, unlike boxing, with grappling little Billy doesn’t risk the broken nose and concussion his grandma is afraid he will get.



(excerpts from student of the gun article)