Top 6 excuses used to not train/compete


I want to talk about a very important issue.

Many people live their life day after day and year after year making the same mistakes without even noticing it and as we move deeper into 2017, I want to raise awareness about these self-destructive excuses people make in order to justify the way they live and deal with their life.

Many times we don’t even realize the psychological aspect of the excuses we make and how we use our excuses a safety blankets to protect us from our fears and insecurities.

“I’ll start training as soon as I get in shape”- Nothing will get you ready to roll except actually rolling and you will indeed get in shape during the process.

“I don’t have the money”- Most gyms range from 100-150 in price which is spendy, but in turn you are able to do something every day for a few hours, get in shape and learn a skill. Name anything you can do cheaper with all of the same benefits?
“I don’t have the time”- This one is the worst. A BJJ class is an hour maybe two counting travel and rolling which is only 8% of your day. I don’t care when you work or what else you have going on; if you want to train you can make the time.

“I will start on Monday”- This is the friend who keeps saying he is going to start training, but just never shows up.


“I will compete once I get a few degrees”-This is the worst one in my opinion. Putting off competition because you are new to a belt is cheating you out of experience. If you wait till you have four degrees and then lose a competition you will make yourself feel like complete crap. Don’t cheat yourself out of years of opportunities.

“The ref made a bad call”- This is from the people who lose a match and instantly start blaming the ref or rules. A lot of the time it’s not the refs fault but your own. If you left the decision to the ref you should have worked harder. If you lost because a ref didn’t award you your last minute points then you should of started your move earlier. If you lost by dq you should of known the rules better.


These are only six of the many excuses people use to not train or compete. In reality all these excuses are just that, excuses. They allow their user to shift control of their user to some outside source. What I believe lies beneath all of these excuse is fear. Fear can destroy possibilities you may not have even knew existed for you.


My own suggestion is to look at the reasons you choose not to do certain things even non BJJ related and decide what is behind them? Are they grounded in logic or fear? Take control of your life in 20157 and make it a life worth living.

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