5 Benefits of early morning BJJ classes

Not getting enough training in? Can’t make evening classes? 5:00 am morning classes are your answer to these problems. We’re starting our training bright and early so we all can get to work right after. Who doesnt get the itch to train by the end of the work day? With the morning classes you can be satisifed all day and even get a 2nd training session in the evening! There are a ton of benefits to working out in the morning and lets take a look at a few items that will jump start your days:

1. Increase your daily metabolism.
You continue to burn calories at a boosted level after the workout is done. Burn those calories while sitting at work.

2. Virtually no scheduling conflict!
What else are you doing at 5:00 am? Sleeping? Go train!

3. Improved daily productivity. Exercising gets your endorphins going first thing in the day.

You will be more focused to take on your day with the energy boost.

Training can increase your mental abilities for 4 to 10 hours post training.
4. Less likely to skip training due to something unexpected happening at work or home.
Late meeting? Kids got sick? Stuck in traffic after work? There is virtually no traffic this early in the morning, get to training get quick, get to work quick.

5. Having trouble sleeping at night?
Studies have shown that people who rise early in the morning for regular exercise sleep better than those who routinely exercise in the evening. Who doesnt want enhanced sleep quality?

Remember, there are always scheduling conflicts, but finding a way to  get on the mats has a lifetime of rewards. Bastos BJJ Midland has classes at all times of day and understands “on-call” schedules. If you want to be a part of something to give you more drive, energy, focus, and better health….come in and train!