BJJ can benefit children with autism.

What’s beautiful about the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is that is offers so many benefits for people to experience. Be it you’re an elite level black belt or just someone looking for something fun to try, there is plenty to take away from it.

However, what BJJ can do for children suffering from learning disabilities such as autism can literally change their lives and give them something beneficial everyday that they step onto the mat to train.

Autism can affect how a child learns and interacts with other children their age, and can cause many issues. However, there are tools that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu offers these young children that will help them forge out a better life, and give them the opportunity to fit in.

The Benefits Of Being On The Mat And Training With A Team

Countless studies have shown that children who suffer from autism tend to have trouble interacting with children of their age and have problems functioning in social settings. Given these setbacks, there are ways to help curb these problems through training of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

The sport itself—while being mainly viewed as an individual sport—is deeply rooted in the team atmosphere, and presents similar tendencies and brotherhood that sport such as basketball, baseball and football offer.

Belonging to a gym a certain group of training partners encourage children with disabilities to be more open, and these types of atmospheres also promotes a very friendly, open environment to learn and express themselves.

Being able to go to place that offers them these options multiple times a week will only benefit children with autism in the long-run by teaching them social skills that they otherwise wouldn’t learn in other places such as the classroom or a larger team sport.

The Structure And Discipline Which Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Provides

While it may seem like a universal theme for those of us who have participated in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the structure and discipline that comes with the territory cannot be overstated especially when someone that trains with a learning disorder is on the mat.

For children with learning disabilities, having a structure to follow can be very important. When on the mat, there is obviously a lot of learning and focus involved, similar to that of a classroom. However, there is a difference between the two, which offers these children a chance to step out of their comfort zone.

Compared to a classroom, the structure on the mat is far more lax, and some are more of an open-floor type of setup. This gives the children a chance to interact with their instructor and classmates in a more casual setting, while also learning something that they may otherwise have trouble with in a more formal setting.

The benefits which Brazilian Jiu Jitsu provides for children with autism and other disabilities are sure to help offer a more structured daily life, while providing them with practical skills they can carry with them


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